About Us

Who we are:

Ovidim is a marketplace app that brings local service professionals such as air condition technician, make up artist, cosmetologist, massauer, photographer, fashion designers etc to various customers that need their services. We are young and passionate trained service professionals that are committed to deliver quality services. We are a sure shot destination for your service needs, be it getting a plumbing job done, improving your fitness through yoga, learning to play the guitar, decorating your home or getting candid photos of your wedding clicked

Why should I chose Ovidim?

Our service professionals are trained and verified to deliver value to our customers. We are recognized as the fastest-growing startup in Nigeria. We help customers hire trusted professionals for all their service needs. We are staffed with young and passionate people working tirelessly to make a difference in the lives of people by catering to their service needs at their doorsteps. Every Professional undergoes series of accreditation process to be qualified for verification. This is because the welfare and safety of our customers is key to us. We have heard of cases where handy men and women are called on to deliver maintenance service for example but they end up destroying what they are called to service etc. We are here to rewrite the misrepresentation of service professionals.

Who can be a service professional?

Everyone. We need people who can provide personal services like beauty, spa, mobile and other appliance repairs, cloth making, home cleaning services etc. We also need people who can provide housekeeping services which consist of Plumbing fittings, Electricial repairs, Furniture fittings, Cleaning and Pest Control services. But they must be ready to learn, take instructions and be passionate about service delivery.

What do Service Professionals gain by joining Ovidim?

One has to be qualified and verified before enjoying the Ovidim benefits. If you are verified your income will increase. We will send daily leads of jobs available to your field and location. You don't need to roam the streets looking for who needs your services. When you get booked you won't be exhausted due to long travel or distance covered to get a job done. You have time to plan your daily requests and other activities.